Digital therapy for ADHD

For many years ADHD has been ignored, lately it is well recognized but still mostly treated with pharmaceuticals. Even though medication has a place having, managing ADHD requires some skills and a structured approach. Digital therapy for ADHD is an efficient low-threshold treatment that can be started at any time after diagnosis and supports your current treatment prescribed by your doctor.

If you feel like you can benefit from ADHD therapy, seek a healthcare professional to discuss your situation, e.g. your local clinic, occupational healthcare, or student healthcare. That way, you can receive a referral for digital therapy. Referrals can be made by any doctor anywhere in South Africa.

Digital therapy for ADHD is a digital treatment developed by Helsinki University Hospital and HealthFOX Ltd and offered by HealthFOX Southern-Africa (Pty) Ltd in cooperation the National Health Center (NHC) to residents of South Africa.

The course and idea of therapy

Digital therapy for ADHD usually begins approximately one week after your healthcare professional has made you a referral. Your care journey is a structured program based on independent activities to provide you with tools and exercises.  You can do these as any time and anywhere. They are designed to support the management of your condition and to put you back in control of your life. You will be supported by a therapist who is a psychologist or a nurse specializing in your symptoms. The treatment consists of eight phases and lasts two to four months.

You will progress and learn new approaches from informational content such as videos and exercises. Each week has a one-hour independent session, during which you will receive further information, consider your situation and difficulties and think about their relationship with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Between sessions, you will get to do daily life exercises by using the diary application.

Your online therapist will send you feedback, comment on your exercises, and answer your questions between sessions. You can send them messages at any time during therapy.


Successful online therapy requires from you

  • motivation to make use of a new approach to your condition
  • commitment to working independently at least two hours a week for several months
  • a smartphone or a tablet with an Internet connection.

In addition to adults, young people of 16 years may be accepted for online therapy if their doctor estimates they would benefit from it.

Where will the online therapy happen?

Digital therapy for ADHD will be done in the HealthFOX Easier Tomorrow mobile learning environment, which you can access with any iOS or Android device. You can do the exercises and sessions related to the online therapy at any time which suits you.

After you have received the confirmation e-mail about your referral being accepted, you can log into the therapy application with your online banking credentials or mobile signature service. You can find the log-in links directly on the therapy programs website.

Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement

Patient records saved in the service are part of the National Health Center patient register.